• EliTe Plus ET-M672WWWB

EliTe Plus ET-M672WWWB

380W 385W 390W 395W 400W Cell Type 156.75mm x 78.375mm (half-cell) Number of Cells 144 half-cells (6×24) Weight 23 kg Dimension 1995×992×40mm Max Load 5400 Pascals


Half-cell Solar Panel

Innovative half-cut mono cell technology and specially-made panel layout significantly enhance power output.

Less Shading Impact and Power Degradation

Improved performance when the module is partially shaded.

Saving on BoS Costs

More energy yield of each module help reduce corresponding

BoS components, leading directly to a decrease in system costs.

Ideal choice for limited Installation Space

High-efficiency module boost more overall power harvest within the same usable area than conventional panels.

Top-quality & Trustworthy Product

Rigorous Quality Management System ensures reliable durability.